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“I am ready for this and full of energy!” #INTERVIEW with TAYANNA from #UKRAINE


She’s back – and this time she means business!

Ahead of preparations for the 2nd semi-final of Vidbir in Ukraine this Saturday, the beautiful and talented TAYANNA took some time to chat with us here at Eurovision Ireland. How does she feel about having all of your support? What are her greatest inspirations? And what will she cook if we go round to her house for dinner?! Read on and find out!

Privit TAYANNA! Thank you for taking the time to speak with Eurovision Ireland. First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourself? Who is TAYANNA?
I am often asked the question: what is the difference between Tatiana Reshetnyak and TAYANNA? Tatyana Reshetnyak is a loving mother, daughter and sister. TAYANNA is a creative way.  This stage name was given to me by producer Alan Badoev.  It was under this pseudonym that I first appeared on the National selection stage for Eurovision-2017

What would you have liked to do with your life if you weren’t a singer?
Of course, it’s hard to imagine what I would be doing if it was not music. Probably, I would become a doctor. I remember from childhood when a girl friend in a summer camp had a stomach ache and I helped her to ease this pain without pills. By the way, since childhood I have been interested in spiritual practices and relevant literature.  This knowledge gives me the opportunity to help close people cope with some of their ailments.

 A very noble thing to want to do! Now, you had an enormous amount of support from fans around the world last year during Vidbir 2017. How did this make you feel?
I received a huge amount of feedback on social networks. People wrote words of support and admiration. Believe me, from kind and sincere words, wings just grow!  Positive energy does not dissolve in distance.  Therefore, I, of course, felt the support that came from outside Ukraine.  I think this charge helped me to rethink the result and very fruitfully finish the previous creative year.

Who would you say are your biggest inspirations?
Most of all I’m inspired by my son Daniel.  He is the main person in my life.  The time spent with him is priceless!  I am also inspired by the love I receive from my family and from my close friends.  By the way, to relax and comprehend my ideas I travel to the Carpathians

Awww! That’s so lovely! 😀 What’s your favourite Eurovision song and why?
I really liked the song “Molitva” by the winner of Eurovision-2007, Marija Šerifović.  Very soulful ballad and elegant performance of the artist.  Also I really liked the unique performance by Loreen and her song “Euphoria”.  If you remember Sweden set a record: performance  was estimated in 12 points by residents of 18 countries!


Both great choices and yes, Loreen did indeed break a record! On the subject of Eurovision, tell us about your entry for Vidbir 2018, “Lelya”. What’s the message of the song?
The final decision to take part in the National Selection of “Eurovision -2018”, we took with the team after my album “Trimay Mene” was highly appreciated by fans and professionals in the music world. We asked the listeners of several radio stations to vote for the song they would like to hear from the stage of the contest. As a result of voting, the song “Kvitka” won, but I could not take part in the National selection with it – the song was released before September 1, 2017.  So, in extremely short period of time I had a beautiful composition “Lelya”.  Incendiary, driving, positive love song

What would it mean for you to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest?
Every competition is an upgrade. You, as an artist, can become better, go up a step higher, raise your bar higher. I understand the whole degree of responsibility.  But I also understand that today I am ready for this and full of energy.  I want to share my work with a huge family of Eurovision and charge it with drive and positive!

Awesome! Well we here at Eurovision Ireland wish you all the very best for Vidbir 2018! Speaking of the Eurovision Ireland team, if we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?
As a rule, in Ukraine people try to feed everyone borscht and varenyky.  But on my dining table you would have a fish baked in salt and my speciality – casserole.  I adore it and cook it in different variations: with berries, and with nuts, and with the addition of rice.


YUM! That sounds amazing! We all feel in love with Ukraine when we were at Eurovision last year, but can you tell us the Top 3 things anyone visiting Ukraine should see or do?
Ukraine is an incredibly beautiful country. It is attractive for tourists with different interests: we have  many historical places and absolutely wild for camping.  You just need to go and have a rest!  If you are coming here for the first time, then, of course, all roads to Ukraine go through Kiev – the capital.  The city is stunning: here and urbanism, and nature parks in the city, for example, Truhanov Island.  Architecture of different epochs harmoniously coexists with murals created by the most popular artists of our time.  For the traditional spirit of the country go to the Carpathians.

To feel national traditions is best in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.  And the sea.  Believe me, in Ukraine there is not only Odessa.  For some reason this particular city is popular among tourists.  Did you know that we have such an island on which there is a lighthouse constructed according to the Eiffel project?  And in its coastal waters dozens of schools of dolphins live?  So this is the island of Dzharylhach.

 WOW! Makes us want to go back to Ukraine… NOW!! Lastly TAYANNA, do you have a message for all your fans here in Ireland and around the world?

Thanks TAYANNA – дуже дякую! We wish you the best of luck in the semi-final of Vidbir 2018 with ‘Lelya’ on Saturday 17th of February! 😀

Author: James Scanlan


Image Source: TAYANNA




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