Eurovision 2018

#ROMANIA “I would be really proud to wave the Romanian flag in Lisbon” – SAVE #Interview

Save feature buuun

Hey guys! We continue the series of interviews with the candidates from Romania’s semi-finals of Selectia Nationala 2018.

Today we had the pleasure of having a quick interview with SAVE. Look at what he told us!

Hey SAVE! Thank you for taking the time for this interview. Congratulations for qualifying for the Semi-Finals of Selectia Nationala 2018! Can you tell us more about yourself? Who is SAVE?

Hi! Glad that you ask me 😉

SAVE is an artist / singer -songwriter who has great music on his mind and works on delivering emotion and energy.

SAVE feature bun

Your song All We Need got a lot of positive reviews on the Romanian Facebook Group for Eurovision. Can you tell us the message behind All We Need?

I’m thrilled that my song is well received and people relate to it. This song is happy and fun and has a good vibe to it. It is about love and not wanting to do anything than love.

Eurovision means show. Can you tell us what you have prepaired for the Semi-Finals or it’s a secret?

Yep. Top secret !

We were expecting an answer like that, but one can only try. Now we want to ask you what’s your favourite Eurovision song?

I really liked Heroes performed by Mans. Such a wonderful song!

What would it mean to you to win Selectia Nationala 2018 and represent Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest?

It may mean the world to me. Actually it will be overwhelming and I would really be proud and damn serious about waving the Romanian flag in Lisbon and singing for my country.

What would you like to say to your fans reading this interview?

Make love and be happy. And follow SAVE 😉

We would like to remind you that Selectia Nationala 2018 will have five semi-finals and a final on 25 February. The dates of the Semi-Finals and the locations are as follows: Semi-final 1: 21 January in Focsani; Semi-final 2: 28 January in Timisoara; Semi-final 3: 4 February in Craiova; Semi-final 4: 11 February in Turda and Semi-final 5: 18 February in Sighisoara.

What do you think of SAVE’s song? Could it be a winner of Selectia Nationala 2018?

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

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