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The Winners BEHIND The Winners – 2010s Edition – Part 1. SATELLITE

Lena satellite1

We all know the winners of Eurovision Song Contest and sing the songs with every ocasion we get. Of course winning is not only about the singer, but also about the song and the team behind it.

With this series “The Winners BEHIND The Winners” we want to give credit to the ones that were responsable for the creation of the winning songs of the 2010s.

We start of course with 2010 when the Eurovision Song Contest held in Oslo (Norway) was won by Lena with the song “Satellite” (246 points).

The song was written by Julie Frost and John Gordon. We did some digging for you guys to tell you more about this two.

Julie Frost is an American songwriter, singer, guitar player and music producer who grew up in Vermont.

She released two albums The Wave (2002) and Happy Child Music (2006).

In 2009 she was sign by EMI Music Publishing and in 2010 she co-wrote together with John Gordon a fun and easy to sing-a-long song entitled “Satellite“.  After winning the 2010 edition of Eurovision Song Contest, the song reached number one spot not only on the German Single Chart but also on European Hot 100 singles.

Among others, Frost wrote the hook for Black Eyed Peas‘ multi-platinum single “Just Can’t Get Enough” co-wrote Beyoncé’s single “Countdown”  and  Charlie Puth‘s single “Marvin Gaye” featuring Meghan Trainor.

John Gordon is a Danish songwriter and music producer. In 1998 he released the album “Talking about the weather”  together with singer Lene Dissing and band Steam.

Besides “Satellite”, he wrote songs for danish artists like Michael Learns to Rock and Simon Mathew.

In 2011 he participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with the song “Sleepless” which came 2nd in the Danish selection.

This was the first episode of the series and we can only hope you enjoyed reading more about the winners behind the winners.

To be continued.

Author: Bogdan Stefan Fedeles

Source: Julie Frost (wikipedia), John Gordon (wikipedia), Eurovision Ireland

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