Eurovision 2017

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#JoinUs today at 20:00CET for our LIVE Rolling Blog of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, where ten acts will compete to win that all important ticket to Kyiv.

Just refresh this page from 20:00CET on a regular basis and join me, Richard Taylor to get all my views on the proceedings.

Watch the show via website.


And we are off!!! – Now we’ve found a feed that isn’t geo-blocked!!!

Song 1: Ida Una – One

One is a modern song with hints of last year’s Danish song about it. I am slightly put off by what sounds like whaling from Ida Una during the chorus. The crowd like it, but I cant seeing it going anywhere.

Song 2:Thomas Ring – Vesterbro

This is a dark, yet powerfully performed song from the start. Once Thomas stands up and the song progresses further, it becomes a bit more of a disco-esque song. A possible contender for Kyiv.

Song 3:Rikke Skytte – Colour My World

The opening few bars of this song reminded me of Only Teardrops in an ethnic style. Rikke certainly has the Emilee de Forestt vibe about her and Colour My World would actually do quite well with the eastern block countries I think. We have seven more songs to go, but I think I’ve got a favourite.

Song 4: Anja Nissen – Where I Am

Last year’s favourite Anja is back with Where I Am. I was expecting more for some reason. The opening moments teased us with a spangly schlager moment, but it’s turned out to be a bit of a mid tempo song where Anja has few opportunities to breathe. Where I Am is performed well – but doesn’t stand out enough. It’s not Anja’s year again sadly.

Song 5: Calling Mercury – Big Little Lies

Oh yes!!! A foot stomper and something to clap along to – I like!!! This duo work well together vocally, but their performance element does need to be worked on. This could do well in Kyiv if it is worked on through the performance side of things and has the potential to stand out.

Song 6: Anthony – Smoke In My Eyes

This is verging on street/rap and we know rap doesn’t sit well at Eurovision. Thankfully this is a bit more tuneful and Anthony interacts well with his backing dancers adding that extra edge to the performance. He does remind me a bit of Eric Saade too vocally and that is meant to be a compliment. Another potential.

Song 7: René Machon – Warriors

I like this – a song about how we are all Warriors. I was expecting a quite masculine sort of thing so assuming what a song will be like just from the title teaches us all a thing or two! It’s got a message, it’s youthful, it’s fun and has something for everyone – definitely my new favourite.

Song 8: Sada Vidoo – Northern Lights

Visually what we have is a Northern Lights look on the stage with Aurora colourings etc. Vocally Sada gives this little ditty an air of mystery around it. Sada looks as if she is a former member of Dolly Style with the blue hair. It is different enough to be graded a potential.

Song 9: Jeanette Bonde – Hurricane

In terms of camerawork, I’m been reminded of Barei, the Spanish entry last year! This seems to be a very dark entry, although I fear Jeanette lacks emotion in her performance to match the visuals. I really don’t know what to make of Hurricane and after Doris this week, I’m verging on a potential.

Song 10: Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P

It’s back – Danish pop-schlager!!! We have glitz, sparkle and a hint of a club beat. Why have we had to wait over an hour for you Johanna??? Vocally this is fantastic as is the whole stage performance. If the non-Eurovision fan heard this on the radio, I expect even they would tap their foot along too!

Richard’s Predictions

If I had to call this now, it would be either song 6, 7 or 10 for me at the moment.


The voting has started and we now have a recap of the performances along with those all important voting numbers the Danish public need!

Super Final

Song 1: Ida Una – One

The addition of a lit up globe which is held by Ida certainly adds a global message to the song. The crowd are again going crazy for this. Are the Danes seeing something I have not yet I wonder?

Song 4: Anja Nissen – Where I Am

No changes from the earlier performance – this must have appealed to the more youthful viewers as I couldn’t see Anja getting this far. Maybe the voters are trying to rectify their mistakes from last year?

Song 10 – Johanna Beijbom – A.S.A.P

Attempts of Schlager hasn’t worked in recent years at Melodifestivalen – so I hope the Danes will rectify this tonight with this fantastic dance floor filler! A.S.A.P is fun and harmless – not portraying and messages in this politically intense world we live in.


Voting has reopened for a short period of time. We get a rendition of Danish Eurovision hits from our hosts before the Olsen Brothers come to the stage and perform Fly On The Wings Of Love.


Third – Song 10 with 10%, Second – Song 1 with 26% and First Anja with 64% of votes!

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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