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#GERMANY: LIVE BLOG of Unser Song – #JoinUs from 20:15CET


#JoinUs today at 20:15CET for our LIVE Rolling Blog of Unser Song – the German National Final, where five acts will compete over three rounds to win that all important ticket to Kyiv.

Just refresh this page from 20:15CET on a regular basis and join me, Richard Taylor to get all my views on the proceedings.

Watch the show HERE.


And we are off!!! Welcome to three hours of German Eurovision. Back again is everyone’s favourite – Barbara, to guide us through the proceedings. We have also been introduced to the trio of jury experts – including Lena, German ESC winner from 2010.

And we are off – changes to the running order have been made so please bear with me while changes are made below throughout the evening.

Round 1 – Covers Round

Song 1: Helene Nissen – Folsom Prison Blues


Helene takes to the stage with a Johnny Cash cover. This seemed slow to get going, that is until the support band started up! For me country is a strange genre to cover when she clearly looks likes she wants to be a rock chick. Sung in English, she seems to be eating the microphone and you can’t really hear what she is singing. Don’t really know what to expert from the International or German votes with this one.

Song 2: Buohler – Love On Top


This is a fresh and modern, yet classic performance from this youthful performer. Buohler knows how to move around the stage and you can clearly hear what she is singing. Love On Top is clearly the type of song that suits her style and would do well for her if either Wildfire or Perfect Life was similar in Kyiv. Clearly through to Round 2 in my opinion.

Song 3: Felicia Lu Kurbib – Dancing On My Own


Felicia has a very familiar voice to a current pop star and I can’t put my finger on it annoyingly. Again the vocals are clear, however the overall performance is lacking something – yet something else I’m yet to place my finger on. I think Felicia will have done enough with the International and German voters.

Song 4: Axel Feige – You Known My Name


I really want to enjoy Axel’s performance, however I’m finding a lot of it monotone!!! He certainly is giving it the full James Bond effect – something Estonia tried in Stockholm last year and unsuccessfully qualified from their semi final. Axel knows how to give a performance, but vocally, this has made him borderline for me in regards to Round 2.

Song 5: Levina – When We Were Young


So Levina is definitely not Adele – we can all agree on that!!! However, she sang When We Were Young in her own key and it clearly worked – vocally brilliant. Tonight is clearly going to be a true fight which we all enjoy in a National Final.

For me, Round 2 should feature alongside Levina – that of Buohler and Felicia. Axel still sits as borderline for me – which is a shame as we will only get female interpretations of the Eurovision entry. But hey, what do I know??? I’m only your star blogger tonight bringing you all the going’s on…

Interval One

While the votes to eliminate two participants is carried out, we have a German pop star doing his thing – sadly I didn’t catch his name and it wasn’t displayed on screen.

Round 2 – Wildfire Performances

Qualifiers for Round 2 are Axel, Levina and Helene. These three will now perform the first potential song for Kyiv – Wildfire. Out of those three, I only predicted Levina – my German mojo obviously isn’t at work tonight!!!

Helene Nissen

Helene appears more youthful in her performance of Wildfire over that of Folsom Prison Blues. She actually looks like she is having fun on stage – something that is essential at Eurovision – lack of visual interest will equal a lack of votes. There seems to be a few sound issues – will we get a re-run? Or are we seeing some potential miming at play because of her singing but no mouth movement? Certainly the country genre vibe continued with Helene.

Axel Feige

Axel performs a much more upbeat version of Wildfire. Performance is a la crooner sitting on a stall – nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t quite sit right with the song. Unfortunately, I really suspect miming is at play now as bits of this song are not in sync – which is a shame as I expect sung live would add a bit more edge as Axel could give vocally.


Ooooh, this is a very slow downed and different version – but I don’t like it. Wildfire needs to be upbeat as it name suggests. It is sung (mimed) perfectly well, but just doesn’t fit. I fear this will be goodbye to Levina before her true time was up. Also, my Gok Wan head says someone has aged her in what she is wearing too – sorry Lisa-Jayne Lewis!!!

Interval Two

Jury member Tim whats-his-face (SORRY) has now taken to the stage to sing us a ditty while voting takes place to eliminate another singer ahead of the other potential Eurovision entry – Perfect Life been performed.

Round 3 – Perfect Life Performances

Qualifiers for Round 3 are Levina and Axel. These two will now perform the second potential song for Kyiv – Perfect Life.

Axel Feige

Axel has gone what at the start sounds big band, but calms down into a male ballad entry with Perfect Life. Perfect Life isn’t grabbing me like Wildfire though and its not because Axel is miming again. Axel is able to show his vocal range throughout – but this would not be the song he should take to Kyiv if he wins the vote.


Miming again – urghhh!!! However, Perfect Life works for Levina with a modern and youthful sound. The voters have to consider whether this song will do any good at Eurovision though and for me Wildfire unfortunately pips it to the post.

Round 4 – Decision Time

After voting, Levina has the chance to sing both songs again in the final round. We know Levina will go to Kyiv now, but with which entry???


This would have suited Axel better and unfortunately the over performing proves miming is in progress here.For me Wildfire is the preferred entry of the two songs – but lets wait and see.

Perfect Life

Again, the over performing shows the miming, but Levina probably realises she will be representing her country – whatever song is chosen at this stage. Although Perfect Life is more suited to Levina, it could possibly do a hatrick in terms of the 26th place at Eurovision, which is a first.

Interval Three

It’s time to welcome Nicole (1982), Ruslana (2004) and Conchita (2014) to the stage for a sing song.

We Have A Result…

As we know Levina was going to represent the German nation after Round Three, but now we know the song too. Levina will be singing Perfect Life in Kyiv.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland


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