Eurovision 2017

#SWITZERLAND: The Last Five Years


Last night, the Swiss audience chose Timebelle to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. Can they out perform any of the previous five entries the country has sent?

2012: Sinplus – Unbreakable

Sinplus have got to be the most unluckiest of the Swiss acts from the last five years. They just missed out on the final in Baku by finishing in 11th place with 45 points in the first semi final.

2013: Takasa – You and Me

Takasa didn’t fair any better than Sinplus the year before. Takasa only managed to scrape a 13th place with 41 points in the second semi final.

2014: Sebalter – Hunter of Stars

Sebalter helped to change Switzerland’s luck back in 2014. After achieving 4th place with 92 points in the second semi final, Sebalter achieved 13th place with a total of 64 points in the final in Copenhagen. This is the best placed Swiss entry since Vanilla Ninja achieved an 8th place back in 2005.

2015: Melanie Rene – Time to Shine

Time to Shine was not the case for Switzerland as they returned to the failed depths of the semi final. This time, Melanie Rene achieved a 17th place with a mere 4 points – achieving last place in the second semi final.

2016: Rykka – The Last of Our Kind

The Last of Our Kind saw another last placing for Switzerland last year. An 18th place with 28 points in the second semi final didn’t see any change in Swiss luck.

Will Timebelle achieve a place in the final like Sebalter and even achieve a higher placing of 13th? Let us know your views below in the comments section.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Video: Eurovision Song Contest


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