Eurovision 2017


unserLast month ARD –  the broadcaster in charge of Unser Song 2017 announced that Axel Feige, Felicia Lu, Helene Nissen, Levina and Yosefin will be the five competitors in this year’s selection.

Today it was revealed the voting system to be used in the show and how it will work.

At the National Final on February 9 – we’ll have four rounds with a separate vote and elimination after each of them as follows:

  • Round 1: The five competitors will each sing a cover song of their choice
  • Round 2: The remaining three artists will each sing the first specially-composed Eurovision song, in their own unique arrangements
  • Round 3: The two acts with the highest votes will perform the second specially-composed Eurovision song. The public will then vote from the four performances of both of these artists’ Eurovision songs
  • Round 4: The two performances with the highest votes will progress to this round. These two performances could be the same song by both artists, two songs by the same artist, or one performance from each artist. The winner will then be decided from this final two

The names of the two Eurovision songs that have been written for the show are “Wildfire” and “Perfect Life“.  “Wildfire” has been written by Tofer Brown, Marit Larsen and Greg Holden, whereas “Perfect Life” was written by Lindsey Ray, Lindy Robbins and Dave Basset.

While the show will feature an expert panel who will offer critiques of the performances, the winner will be determined only by German public vote.

But there’s a novelty for international fans! They can get involved in the selection process via the official app for Unser Song 2017 called Eurovision Vibes.

On Wednesday 8 February, the day before the live final, all 15 songs from German selection will be made available on the app. From that evening, voting via the app will be open and will run until the near the end of the grand final.

The result of the votes casted via the Eurovision Vibes app won’t count towards the final result, but they will be revealed on the show. It will give German televoters an idea of which acts might appeal most to international Eurovision fans.

(Roman Lob  performing Standing Still  at the Grand Final of ESC 2012 –  last time Germany had a song finishing in top 10)

This way Germany wants to avoit placing dead last again and hopes for glory. Will you help Germany decide?

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source:, facebook, Eurovision Ireland


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