#Belarus – KATTIE “Love gives hope and faith in this difficult times” #TheInterview

kattieLast week we found out the lucky 13 that made it to the National Final of Belarus Selection for Eurovision.

We were lucky enough to get the chance to get in touch with a strong contender this year, Kattie. Keep on reading to find out what she told us in an exclusive interview.

Hello Kattie! First of all, congratulations!

Can you tell us more about who is Kattie and when you discovered your passion for singing?

Hello! Thank you for the congratulations!

About me: I’m singing ever sience I was 5 years old. I realised for a long time now that I wanted to be a singer! I graduated from the College of Music so I have a strong knowledge both in theory and technique for a professional performance. I’m also a trained vocalist and actor.

It seems you posess a lot of skills. What made you decide to try for Eurovision?

For a singer, Eurovision Song Contest can expand the boundaries for new technical possibilities. It can give him a meteoric rise, popularity and the experience and the ability to work in other countries. (I do not want to sit in one place) I want to achieve the best!

What is your favorite Eurovision Song? 

 I have several of them: Loreen – Euphoria, Blue – I Can, Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime, Polina Gagarina – Million Voices, Loic Nottet – Rhythm Inside.

If you were not singing, what would you have liked to do instead?

As I have studied languages in the past, it would have been possible a career in tourism.

Can you tell us more about your song “Wild Wind”?

My song “Wild Wind” was written by Swedish songwriters Anders Hansson and Sharon Vaughn. The song is dedicated to those killed and injured in the terrorist attacks all over the world; it’s also a song about the love that gives hope and faith in this difficult time.

We all need a little bit more love, hope and faith in our lives!

Speaking of the world, how about Belarus? What is your favorite place from all over your country?

My Summerhouse 🙂

What would it mean to you to represent Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest 2017? 

It would be an incredible achievement and victory for me! If I would be the one, I would do everything possible to represent the country with dignity for those who believe in me!

I would go for the victory at ESC!!! 🙂

How can your fans get in touch with you?

There are several ways. My official pages are:




And last, what would you like to transmit to our readers and fans that will read this interview on

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all the readers of! I wish you happiness and sincerity! Let each day bring you whole lots of new victories!

I hope for your support!

With love, Kattie

That was a really nice message! Thank you Kattie and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you too! Best of luck at the National Selection!

Belarus will be selecting their entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 on January 20. Will you be rooting for Kattie?

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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