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JESC ’16: Day 3 Rehearsals Rolling Blog


Andrew and I are here to bring you all the action from today’s rehearsals here in Valletta and the second half of the participating nations. If you don’t know the drill, come back from 10:00CET/09:00GMT and refresh the page on a regular basis for all the updates.



RICHARD: Yet again, another polished performance from Olivia. She has a strong positioning at the end of the first half and we all know at adult Eurovision this has been a winning running order slot for a few years – in Junior can it be the same?

ANDREW: Indeed I agree here it is a solid vocal performance and if this was sitting in the latter part of the running order I would say Poland would be in with a good chance. Whether a win from 8th place is possible I am not so sure but certainly a top 5 finish is possible here.



RICHARD: Christina seems to be enjoying it a lot more from my view. Not sure if there is enough energy for me still. There is a lot more splashes of brightness on the back screens. The added plumes of smoke do add another dimension to the whole staging.

ANDREW: Ok the first thing to note here is that Malta have dropped the dancers and Christina is now alone on stage. This is definitely an improvement on the first rehearsals. It is all very colourful and the vocals are good too. I am just not sure that the song itself will have enough impact and coming from 5th place in the running order it may well struggle a little bit.



RICHARD: This is really starting to stand out as one of the most polished performances in the rehearsals so far. Macedonia are looking at a good position now if others fail to improve on previous mistakes and issues.

ANDREW: I am still loving this song, one of my personal favourite, it stands out as being slick and polished and could give Macedonia their best ever result at Junior if justice was served. They are singing from 7th spot which is not ideal but there has been one winner from there in the past(The Netherlands).


RICHARD: For me, this still screams Chanee and N’Evergreen all over it. The chemistry is still there and I think this is one of the most positive aspects this performance has.

ANDREW: Well I see where Richard is coming from with his comments and its a perfectly pleasant song but a bit sickly for me, perhaps a bit too formulaic as well but singing in 13th place its at least in the second half. Possibly top half finish but only just.


The Netherlands

RICHARD: This set of run throughs are a lot more slicker than Tuesday. The girls have Cartoon patterned costumes on that don’t clash with the background, unlike the 80’s style garments from Tuesday. The fun aspect will help their performance and 15th position in the running order won’t hamper their chances either.

ANDREW: Ok so the Netherlands have improved since the last set of rehearsals. Much more polished and super catchy this is coming in 15th position in the running order a place that has won 3 times in the history. They are wearing OTT outfits that look like colourful cartoons. This could do well on the night if they keep the fun of it together.


RICHARD: Personally, I can’t see much of a change in what I’ve just witnessed from Tuesday. Obviously George was in Black this time round, but we’re not sure if that’s his final outfit yet. Certainly if anything, there was a bit more added energy – a complete contrast to Georgia that follows.

ANDREW: Still loving this dance track from George and Cyprus the choreography and movement the backdrop and even the vocals are all working well for me. Its not always easy to dance and flip while singing so well done George on doing all that. Its on in 16th right after Netherlands and before Georgia and will stand out and we have had 2 winners come from second from the end so who know this could be Cyprus’ best result potentially.


RICHARD: This is the first time we’ve actually seen Zena perform due to the technical issues on Tuesday with the Press Centre screens. For me, this goes beyond what I expected. Zena has a powerful voice that can emphasise emotion. She is where a Duck Egg blue dress that looks like it’s a load of material that’s just been thrown together. The background has been recycled from last year, with the ship been removed from Aimee Banks performance. After original worries from watching the National Final performance, I have some hope now. The question remains if they can pull in the votes after performing first.

ANDREW: A great vocal from Zena though I feel she needs to reign it in at tad a times as it could spoil it if it sounds forced. The backdrop is very blue which means here duck egg blue dress blends in at time which means we lose some visual impact at times. But overall its not bad at all but singing in the first spot in the running order does not do Ireland any favours but hopefully enough points to improve on last years showing.


RICHARD: Fiamma has come to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with an entry that is classic Italian. The background, as I described on Tuesday was splashes of bright colour, but for me, I’m not sure where this will go in terms of points.

ANDREW: Indeed this is a classic Italian female ballad and Fiamma is looking more and more into the cameras and has an accomplished vocal too. I love this kind of genre and normally would have rated this highly. She is singing in position 11 so just into the second half of the show but its sitting next to Ukraine and Serbia and am not convinced this will help it to stand out.

And there is more to come today on Eurovision Ireland…

Don’t forget to join Phil later this evening as he reviews the shenanigans of today from the mother ship hovering over Europe somewhere.

Do you agree with our views from above or do you think we’ve missed something important out? You know what to do, just comment below.

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Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Video Source: Junior Eurovision and Wiwibloggs.

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