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#EUROVISION 2017: THE VOTE IS IN! Country #44 is…


No, don’t get over-excited. You didn’t miss any announcement. It’s still only 43 countries heading to Kyiv. But last week, here at we posted a poll to ask which country you’d like to see be the 44th contestant for Eurovision 2017. And the results are in!

We can guarantee these are the most eagerly awaited poll results of this week *ahem*…

Can we have a drum roll please…

It was very close  – in the end, in came down to just a handful of votes. But the country you want to see return to Eurovision this year is LUXEMBOURG! luWith 5 wins under their belt, Luxembourg ranks as one of Eurovision’s most successful participants. No wonder we’re so keen to see a Luxembourgish return to the contest! If they did return, it wouldn’t take much for them to become THE MOST SUCCESSFUL COUNTRY in Eurovision! Could they knock Ireland off their top spot? Of course, we here at EurovisionIreland couldn’t possibly comment…

In 2nd place in our poll, but only just, was TURKEY while SLOVAKIA came in 3rd. In addition, we also found out that the Eurovision debut you’d most like to see this year is that of KAZAKHSTAN!

We must say, we are quite surprised Luxembourg won – do you think the world’s only Grand Duchy will ever come home to the Eurovision Song  Contest? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

Image Source:, EurovisionIreland

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