#JESC 2016 – ALBANIA releases NEW VIDEO and version of “Besoj”


With only a few days left until the final of Junior Eurovison Song Contest 2016, Albania released today the revamped version of their selected song “Besoj” (I believe) written by Adrian Hila and Pandi Laço.

This year Albania will be represented in Malta by the talented Klesta Qehaja.

The song starts like a sweet lullaby, then becomes a chant, culminating at the chorus in a powerful hymn. It’s lyrics tell a story about hope, a hope that love will win in the end.

For some reason it reminds us of Serbia’s Molitva (2007). Is that a good sign? We shall see, but until the contest we give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Do you like this new version? Could this be Albania’s first win at Junior Eurovison Song Contest?


From our team, Richard and Andrew will be out in Malta covering this year’s contest for Eurovision Ireland so stay tuned!

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Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source:, Eurovision Ireland

Picture source: Youtube capture, Eurovision Ireland

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