eurovision-2014-cine-va-reprezenta-romania-la-concursul-european-de-muzica_1Last night, the Communication department, PR and Protocol from TVR released the following statement:

Romanian Television (TVR) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have reached an agreement to enable the broadcast by TVR of Eurovision Song Contest. (…)

The problems between TVR and EBU started several years ago and were determined by the accumulated debts by the public television. For this reason, EBU eliminated Romanian broadcaster from Eurovision 2016 edition. Because TVR reached a sensible financial stability and wants to put the public interest first, TVR management started negotiations with representatives of the EBU. (…) The historical debt is to be paid in no more than three years (approx. 10 million euros). (…)

In addition, the EBU will support TVR by sending a high-level advice team of professionals, free of charge, which will begin next week their mission to Bucharest.”

We already knew that according to the decision number 66 from 22nd September 2016 – the Board of Directors approved the budget for TVR’s participation at 2017 Eurovision Song Contest edition, but we were waiting for a response from EBU.

This two news make us believe we’ll see again Romania next year in Kyiv. And we can only say we’re happy of your “Tornero”

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Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: TVR, Eurovision Jam, Eurovision Ireland

Image Source: Youtube

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