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JESC: Vincenzo Cantiello is BACK!!!

Vincenzo Cantiello. Photo

Vincenzo Cantiello. Photo

Back in November 2014, Italy debuted at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta with 14 year old Vincenzo Cantiello. Vincenzo, the only male participant that year, went on to win with “Tu primo grande amore”.

Two years on and Vincenzo is back! Usually, Vincenzo could be found sitting at his Piano covering many pop and rock songs through his Social Media platforms, however this has all changed in 2016.

Antonio Dinuzzi (owner of SKE! Entertainment) contacted Vincenzo and soon introduced him to songwriter Alberto Eugenio Grassigli. In April through this collaboration, the single “Longing For Someone”. This song led on to more and now an album is in place – entitled “Never Too Much”.

“Never Too Much” is part of the “One Universe” project set up by SKE! Entertainment. This project aims to involve singers and musicians from all over the world.

If you would like to pre-order Vincenzo’s album, visit the crowd-funding site MusicRaiser HERE.

Author: Richard Taylor

Sources: SKE! Entertainment, One Universe, Vincenzo Cantiello

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