Justin Timberlake’s Eurovision Performance WILL NOT Air in the USA!


Many jumped around and got thoroughly excite about the news that Justin Timberlake would perform as the interval act at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, would this be the key that Eurovision needed to unlock the doors to the USA?

Well it seems that no, this will not be the case. Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, has told the Guardian newspaper in an interview that because of legal reason the Timberlake performance won’t air in the USA. We have confirmed this with SVT.

Logo TV will broadcast the contest for the first time ever in the USA and Eurovision is nothing without a commentator and the US is no exception. Guiding the US audience through the evening’s entertainment on Logo TV will be Carson Kressley & Michelle Collins. Carson is best know for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Michelle Collins is a panelist on The View.

We are still waiting to determine whether the and the live YouTube feeds will be blocked for US viewers or whether viewers in the US will be able to log on to see Justin’s performance.

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Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: Eurovision Ireland and The Guardian

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  1. Why does the US and UK music industry hate the Eurovision Song Contest so much? I can only deduce that it’s because they both dominate the worlds music scene and see the contest as a major threat and might produce another big star like Abba or Celine Dion (yes I know she’s Canadian), meaning one less American or British star. We can’t have that can we? An appearance of someone like Justin Timberlake promoting a pan European event shown on American TV might just attract a large audience who would download songs from the contest. Best keep it low key on a small cable channel. That way it might not be noticed. Logo may well reach fifty million viewers but how many people will actually tune in?

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