Eurovision 2016

POLAND : Interview with Eurovision 2016 Contestant Michal Szpak


Will Poland qualify for the grand final of Eurovision 2016? Well one man who will try to do that. We interviewed the Polish superstar Michal Szpak in Stockholm.

We got to know the ‘Color of Your Life’ singer when we spent time with him.


Michal spoke about his style, his heroes (especially David Bowie) and performing in other languages. Maybe he might perform in the Italian Sanremo festival?

Below is a recording of Michal’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2016.

You can follow how Michal gets on in the Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal tonight by following our live blog HERE

Can Michal make the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016? Let us know.


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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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