Eurovision 2016

The Winners and Losers Of Semi Final 1 at Eurovision 2016 and the Surprise Results


Who qualified from Semi Final 1 of Eurovision 2016?

It was a show full of bling and moments of madness but that is why we love Eurovision!


Petra and Mans guided us through the night’s events but all we want to know is who qualified for the Grand Final? We had our predictions earlier – READ HERE


Qualifiers (no particular order)


  • Azerbaijan
  • Russia
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Armenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Malta



Surprise Acts that did not make the Final?

The shock surprise was Iceland not qualifying! The reaction to the song was very strong. So tonight is the end of Greece’s 100% qualification record BUT it also means that the Czech Republic make the grand final for the first time ever! #FAB and well done to Irish composer Aidan O’Connor who is one of the writers of the song.


Azerbaijan continue their 100% Qualification Record for the Grand final. Samra made it through with ‘Miracle’. She looked shocked at the result herself. Croatia make a welcomed return to the Grand Final since 2009!


Did your favourites make it through to the Grand Final? Let us know!


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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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