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Lisa-Jayne’s Red Carpet Rundown

My first ever red carpet and there was plenty of action and plenty of glitz, glamour and bling. We were outside the Euroclub and we shared our red carpet special with you earlier, if you missed it, catch it right here.

However, here are my standout fashion moments from red carpet 2016.


Dami Im looked flawless in a black strapless gown with black su de sandals and I always prefer her hair with a slight curl in it.


Zoe knows how to wear a dress that’s for sure. She has such a wide and varied wardrobe with her and has looked fabulous everytime we’ve seen her. This soft green corseted dress with Maribor feather detailed skirt was yet another fashion triumph for Zoe.


Now I am one of the few people around her who doesn’t ‘get’ Jamala’s song, but I do ‘get’ her beauty and her style. This gunmetal grey, organza, lace and silk dress with a hi/lo hem looks simply stunning and was perfectly finished with her hair twisted up.


In a beautiful painted silk dress by H&M Sanja from Serbia was lapping up the red carpet, however what really set the dress off was the huge necklace which flashed and sparkled as it caught the rays of the evening sun during Sanja’s walk up the red carpet.


And the ‘best of’ looks were not confined to the ladies, Minus One from Cyprus bought rock edginess to red carpet but took it up a notch to a more glamorous look that we have seen before.


Our own Nicky Byrne proved there is more to his wardrobe than the grey denim jacket that he wears everywhere! I’m not usually a fan on jeans on a red carpet, but this bold and beautiful jacket by Yves Saint Laurent means that Nicky can pull the look off in style.


Hovi Star is always guaranteed to dazzle, his song is called Made of Stars and so was his jacket. Hovi also had a little bag of starlight that he sprinkled liberally as he walked the carpet.


And finally the big boss (Executive Producer) Christer Bjorkman looked fabulous too in a silk black dinner jacket and open collared black shirt.

And it wouldn’t be my version of Fashion Police without the ‘not quite’s’ I can’t really do a fashion disasters because there weren’t any but there were some that just missed the mark ever so slightly.


Justs from Latvia just didn’t really make an effort, wearing the same leather jacket that we have seen him in almost every day


Our beautiful Kaliopi who we love could have done with a sparkly necklace or chandelier earrings to lift the look of this black dress with its gorgeous plunging neckline.


They’re called Spanx ManuElla, just sayin’!


Gorgeous Gabriela from Czechia, but I’ve got snazzier dresses that I wear to work, she does look classy and stylish, completely elegant, but it’s a red carpet, not a corporate convention.

I know, I know it’s all about the music and the songs and the staging, but I just loved getting out on the red carpet and talking clothes and styling with this year’s Eurovision hopefuls.

Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Photos: Andres Putting (EBU)

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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