Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Ireland on the Red Carpet

Red CArpet

So last night saw the official opening of Eurovision, and the stars of 42 nations strutted the red carpet in their best shoes and frocks outside the palatial Euroclub tent before heading off to a swanky do at the City Hall in front of loads of dignitaries and the grumpy one from Abba.

Of course, we were there to chat to the stars as they zig-zagged down the rouge rug to get their impressions of the whole strange affair and to see what they were wearing. Our fashion correspondent Lisa-Jane Lewis grabbed the best of them for a quick chit-chat as they glided past…

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Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis, Roy Delaney
Source: Eurovision Ireland


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  1. At least the ‘grumpy one from ABBA’ has turned up to this and past Eurovision-related events and talks about the experience from time to time. Hardly ever, if at all, hear anything from the other 3 😉

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