Junior Eurovision 2016: Some Details Clarified


Last week, we reported that the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be returning to Valletta, in Malta for the 2016 competition. Destiny took victory for Malta, who’ve won the contest for the second time in three years.

As we announced last week, the contest will take place on the afternoon of Sunday 20th November – pleasing broadcasters concerns over viewership. What wasn’t clear was where the contest was going to be held. We can now confirm that the Mediterranean Conference Centre will be the venue – the home of the Maltese NF for the Eurovision Song Contest. The previous mention of various locations refer to activities taking place in the lead up to the main event.

TVM also indicated that 18 participating countries will take part. To date, we only know of Albania, Bulgaria, Ireland, Malta (the Host) and The Netherlands. The last time we saw 18 participating nations, it was in 2004. Last year saw 17 nations take part – including Australia and Ireland for the first time. Time will tell if there will be 18 participating nations or not, with the list of participating broadcasters not due out until the early Autumn.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: TVM and Eurovoix

Categories: JESC, Malta

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