Eurovision 2016

REPORTS : Only the Acts With The Top 10 Televote Results Will Be Announced at Eurovision

Top 10

Will all of the televotes be announced at Eurovision 2016?

That has been the question asked by many since the EBU announced the new voting procedure at Eurovision this year – SEE HERE 

In Summary so on the night it will be business as usual. The jury members will vote for their favourite songs and the public will do like wise.

Then the 43 spokespeople from across Europe will be called up and asked for the votes from their jury members only! The points from 1-10 will be on the screen and the spokesperson will announce their 12 points.

Once that is completed then the televoting points (1-12) from all countries across europe will be collected and aggregated . These then will be announced by the hosts of the show starting with the lowest through to the highest – thus hopefully making it more interesting and exciting for the viewer. Here is another video explaining the system. has reported (See Here) that in the Grand Final the televotes for the countries scoring 11-26th places will be automatically placed on the leaderboard and that only the Top 10 will be announced in reverse order by the hosts Petra and Mans. That would (if true) be different to what was explained in the above video where it stated “The televoting points from all countries will be combined and announced by the hosts starting from the country that received the fewest votes from the public”

So in essence you may have countries that score throughout the night yet do not have their country announced? How do you feel about that? Should they announce all the 26 countries televotes?

Let us know!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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