CYPRUS : Minus One Get Help From Loreen’s & Nina Sublatti’s Artistic Director at Eurovision

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Minus One’s ‘Alter Ego’ will get a touch of ‘Euphoria’ at Eurovision 2016.

Minus One and CYBC have announced that Sacha Jean-Baptiste will be the Artistic Director of this year’s Cypriot entry at the Eurovision Song Contest. Sacha will create the staging for the band’s song ‘Alter Ego’ that will be in Semifinal 1 on May 10th.

Sacha is no stranger to working with well-known Eurovision and Melodifestivalen acts from Loreen to Darin to name but a few. Last year she was responsible to Nina Sublatti’s ‘Warrior’ from Georgia and also Alex Sparrow from Russia’s entry in 2011.

Sacha has worked on Swedish TV in various roles such as a Choreographer for Swedish IDOL, Co Choreographer for Swedish X-Factor and Visual Coordinator Sommarkrysset at TV4 for 5 years.

She is also working as a Show Producer and Choreographer for Supershowen at SVT and was the choreographer for this year’s Melodifestivalen contest.


Need to find out more about Minus One? Then you can check out the MEN on their Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We’ve been stalking them for some time now and we like it!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Minus One

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