OGAE EUROVISION 2016 Poll – Rest Of The World Votes – Jury 1

Jury 1 - Rest of the World

OGAE (the official Eurovision Fan organisation) have started to cast their votes to find a Eurovision 2016 Winner.

Last year their Top 5 acts were

  1. Italy
  2. Sweden
  3. Estonia
  4. Norway
  5. Slovenia

So who will get their votes this year?

The first jury has awarded their points and they are from OGAE Rest of the World


Rest of the World

First 12 points goes to Australia’s Dami Im and her song ‘Sound of Silence’

Some say there is the ‘Curse of the OGAE Poll’ and we explored that last year – READ HERE


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Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source: OGAE




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