Eurovision 2016

MACEDONIA : Exclusive backstage With Kaliopi INTERVIEW – ‘Dona – A Cappella’


It’s our Bella ‘Dona’ – The one and only Kaliopi!

We got the exclusive opportunity to catch up with one of our favourite Eurovision singers ever and good friend the #stunning Kaliopi. Remember we got the scoop on Kaliopi returning to Eurovision over a year ago – SEE HERE

Kaliopi tells us all about returning to Eurovision and her song ‘Dona’ that she will bring to Semi Final 2 of Eurovision on May 12th. Oh did I mention that Kaliopi gives us an a cappella version of ‘Dona’ 😉

Kaliopi will be bringing her Macedonian Magic to Eurovision fans in the run up to the contest. Her promotional tour will see her take in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Moscow, Amsterdam and London. This will be the chance for her to catch up with her fans she gained when she brought Macedonia to the Grand Final of the contest back in 2012 and for all her new fans to experience the ‘Dona’ in person. New to Eurovision then check out our ‘Guide To Kaliopi’ 


First up is the Moscow Preview Party and Kaliopi says

“I am enormously happy to come to Moscow again, after many, many years. This time I will probably meet a different Moscow from the one I remember, but to be embraced by the spirit of Moscow is a true privilege. And that’s why I am happy as a little child when it comes to my arrival to Moscow!”

So where and when can you see Kaliopi live? Moscow April 1st to 3rd, Amsterdam April 8th to 9th, London April 15th to 17th and Sofia and Albania will get to see Kaliopi live in the second half of April. Miss her at your peril!

Kaliopi will perform in semi final 2 at Eurovision on May 12th with her song ‘Dona’.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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