Eurovision 2016

MALTA : First Thoughts on Ira Losco’s Eurovision Song ‘Walk on Water’

Ira - First Thoughts

Is it a case of #WOW for ‘Walk on Water’?

Tonight we got to hear Ira Losco’s song for Eurovision – Walk on Water’. Is this floating to success or a case of the Titanic sinking?

There was a real lacking of a dance/club anthem in this year’s Eurovision contenders and that was a disappointment to me. However Malta pulls a song out of the bag at the 11th hour that brings some old school beatz to Stockholm and I for one am happy about that.

I love how you are lulled into the false sense that this is going to be standard ballad but then a minute into the song you are hit with a wall of dance music that keeps you hooked for the rest of the song.

This has echoes of Baby D’s ‘Let me be your Fantasy’ mixed in with some serious gospel vocals. The gospel vibe for me is the thing that excites and worries me. Excites me in that it adds soul and depth to a dance song – a problem that many countries tend to have. It also worries me because it poses you with the challenge of finding 5 amazing gospel singers on stage who will maintain this great momentum that the studio version has delivered tonight. I’m sure Malta will rise to the challenge!

Ira 2

‘Walk on Water’ for me is a better reflection of Losco’s voice and style of music. I believe this song from her as opposed to her MESC entry. She seems more at ease with the song and you can see that she can perform to it in the video. Overall it looks and feels more like an Ira Losco authentic song.

There is nothing else like ‘Walk on Water’ in the contest this year and in a very open field this has a great opportunity to score well.

When you tease with #WOW then you need to deliver – and Malta has done just that!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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  1. Yeah that’s becoming a difficult opponent!! Absolutely! Good beat, could be a great dance track in the summer when Martin Garix or Tiësto would interfere with it and great looks. So hmmm we should be worried about Malta, yes..

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