Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : Sanna Nielsen & Friends to host ‘Eurovision The Party’ at the Tele 2 Arena

Tele 2 Party

It’s the party to end all parties so bring so get your glad rags on!

The huge Tele 2 Arena that is right beside the Globen Arena will be the venue for the biggest Eurovision party and you’re all invited. So if you didn’t get tickets to Globen then here is the next best thing!

The party will be on Grand Final night and will be hosted by Sanna Nielsen and will include guests like Loreen, Carola, Danny Saucedo and Panetoz and possibly many more.

Forgot your glasses? Don’t worry as it will be shown in the arena on a 300 foot high screen PLUS you will EXCLUSIVE back stage material from the Globen shown in the Tele 2 Arena!

The event will have a pre and post show party so be ready to experience some Eurovision Euphoria. If you enjoy the excesses too much then I will comfort you ‘If I were sorry’ for you – But I’m NOT! So party sensibly people!

Sanna will take you backstage at Globen for exclusive interviews even with hosts Mans and Petra (I know a drag queen when I see one) Mede.

The Swedish Jury votes will be announced from the Tele 2 party – so you hay get your face on TV to millions?

Tickets will be released on Friday 18th March at 10:00 CET and will be available on and will cost between 300 and 995 SEK. A ticket to the after-party costs 200 SEK. For more information visit the official website of Eurovision the Party.

Get ready to Party!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SVT

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