Eurovision 2013

LITHUANIA: Donny triumphs as two more are eliminated

The Lithuanian selection continued to slide along at its glacial pace as tonight’s eighth show managed to eliminate a further two songs. The unfortunate twosome this week were Sauline Chlevickaite with her slightly overshowy Motown-flavoured plodder, and Milta Martinkenaite, whose folksy hoedown finally bit the dust.


Of the eight qualifiers, Eurovision veteran Donny Montell topped the pile again after a slow start with his song I’ve Been Waiting For This Night, while his regular opposition Aiste Pilvelyte nudged in behind him in second. Former Skamp Erica Jennings cut in a close third after leading the televote for much of the night, while regular winner from the songless performers, Ruta Sciogolevaite rode up in fourth.

Next week’s semi-final will see the remaining octet battle it out for the six places in the final, and tonight’s trailing twosome of the charming but awkard Valdas Lacko, and the ever more elaborately dressed Catrinah must surely be in the most trouble of falling at the final fence.


Tonight’s final votes, after the full range of juries and televoters had had their say, were as follows:

1 Donny Montell 24 points
2 Aiste Pilveleyte 17 points
3 Erica Jennings 16 points
4 Ruta Sciogolevaite 16 points
5 Ieva Zasimauskaite 14 points
6 Ruslanas Kiriliknas 11 points
7 Catrinah 9 points
8 Valdas Lacko 8 points

9 Milta Martinkenaite 8 points
10 Saulene Chlevickaite 6 points

The semi-final will take place next Saturday 5 March.

Author: Roy Delaney

Source: Eurovision Ireland


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