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LATVIA: Live Rolling Blog of the Semi-Final of Latvia’s selection show “Supernova” 2016 #JoinUs @ 20:25 CET

Supernova Semi-Final

Live Rolling Blog of the Semi-Final of Latvia’s selection show “Supernova” 2016

Tonight it’s  the semi-final of Supernova 2016, where 8 songs will compete to represent Latvia in Stockholm. Only 4 songs will make the final. Who will it be? Join me as we continue with the Beaver Fever 🙂 If you are interested in my musings on everything Latvian that goes down tonight then please #ComeTogether at 20:25 CET You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and my thoughts on the performances.

How To Watch

Why not #Come Together @ 20:25 CET and watch here 


  1. Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’
  2. Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis – ‘We Are The Light’
  3. Justs – ‘Heartbeat’
  4. Markus Riva – ‘I Can’
  5. Marta Grigale – ‘Choices’
  6. Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’
  7. MyRadiantU – ‘We Will Be Stars’
  8. Samanta Tina – ‘The Love Is Forever’


How The Winner Will Be Selected

Tonight in Latvia, 4 acts will be selected to go through to next weeks ‘Supernova’ final. 2 acts will be chosen by a public vote and the other 2 acts will be chosen by a panel of judges

LIVE BLOG – Starts 20:25 CET

Ok so we appear to be having some issues with the live link that keeps on cutting out so bear with me and I will update you when I can. I hope it’s not that Beaver up to mischief!!!!

This could be an interesting night – we have just started again from the beginning – I’ve not even had a drink lol lol

Justs – ‘Heartbeat’


Ok so we are finally up and running with Justs. This is one of the favourites for the Latvian ticket to Stockholm and it is not hard to see why. It has Aminata stamped all over it, taking elements from her song last year but making a much more contemporary sound. He is pleasing on the eye with “just got out of bed” hair – i’m sure this will be of interest to many 🙂 This would be a great pick for Latvia – thumbs up from me. I just hope the rest of the night is not downhill from here.

OMG I have no idea what the jury think of this song but they are taking an eternity to say it. Gonna be a long night at this rate zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BRING ON THE BEAVER!!!!!!!!!

The late great Terry Wogan always said never drink before song 9 – well we only have 8 songs tonight but I fear we may never get through them at this pace- pass me the Strongbow! And woohoooooooo here is the Beaver about to show some conducting – who doesnt want some “Alternative Beaver Conducting” of an evening.

Markus Riva – ‘I Can’


We finally have our next song – ‘I Can’ – An anthemic number here from Markus. It is inoffensive and has a nice tune but this has been done so many times before. The “I Can” refrain is very similar to that of Blue back in 2011 for The United Kingdom. This will probably go through to the final but I do not see it as a winner. And as for that off white jacket – he says “I Can* but I say “I Wish You Hadn’t” 😦 – I wasn’t going to mention the trousers but as you can see it was not overlooked by other members of our team #smutty


Can someone please phone me every half an hour to ensure I do not end up in an alcohol induced coma? This takes more endurance than my attempts at the Edinburgh Marathon in 2014!!!

Samanta Tina – ‘The Love Is Forever’


Love is Forever – the song seems to take forever!!!!! This is all just a bit crazy from Queen Nefertiti. I am relieved to say they have removed the “somewhat controversial” electrocuting of the man in the gimp mask that was evident in last week’s heat. She likes a high note does our Samanta but it really does nothing for me.

It would now appear that it did nothing for Samanta either as you will be aware in my breaking news announcement further down this blog – Samanta decided to withdraw from the competition after her performance #NeverTiti 

Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’


I loved this!!!!! It is the type of song I would usually expect to find hiding in a Finnish Eurovision selection show. A rock anthem from Catalespia, dressed in black with a brooding long dark haired singer. This will not be to everyone’s taste but I like the change of pace it has brought to the semi-final. Definitely a good variety of songs to choose from. I would have this qualifying for the final but will the public or the jury agree with me?

We cut away for a while, and sensing a break I fully expected some more Beaver fun but so far no more Beaver – must be tired from all that conducting so let me take this opportunity to introduce you to a song I know about Beaver – it has actions but you will have to visualize them yourself.

Here we go

Beaver 0, Beaver 1, Let’s all have some Beaver fun !!!!!!!!!

Beaver 2, Beaver 3, Let’s all climb the Beaver tree!!!!!!!

Beaver 4, Beaver 5, Let’s all do the Beaver jive!!!!!!

Beaver 6, Beaver 7, Let’s all go to Beaver heaven!!!!!!

Beaver 8, Beaver 9, All the Beavers get in line !!!!!!!

Now we get to Beaver 10, Let’s sing the Beaver song again!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this Beaver interlude!!!!!

Marta Grigale – ‘Choices’

Awwww how lovely. Marta has obviously been supporting her local fete today and agreed to have her face painted for a small donation to a good cause. I find this song quite bland I am afraid to say. It just doesn’t go anywhere. You have only 4  “Choices” tonight people and this would not be in mine – sorry Marta!!!! 😦

The #RigaBeaver is out again bumping and grinding on the stage. I was sure he was about to pull out the old “SlutDrop” but instead he decided to moonwalk off the stage. I really need to drink more


Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis – ‘We Are The Light’

Well Ivo just got my attention!. Hello there 🙂 At last a bit of top totty to keep me entertained whilst I blog. I LOVE this song. It has a strong repetitive hook with a dance track in the background. It feels really current and something that would do well in Stockholm. I like his whole package – (i mean he has the whole package – sorry) 😉

Ivo would definitely be on top of  me (on top FOR me, damn it – what has come over me!!!!!) DO NOT EVEN ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!! 

BREAKING NEWS: Ok I am hearing news that Samanta Tina has withdrawn from the competition. I am unable to understand the comments after the songs but she received no feedback from the judges and I am being told she sang her song then announced she was withdrawing from the competition. 

MyRadiantU – ‘We Will Be Stars’

I liked this song from the duo. It didn’t blow me away but I found myself singing along with it which is a good sign – (a good sign that I enjoyed it – not necessarily a good sign for anyone within hearing distance of me.) I don’t think they will make it through to next week’s final but I really enjoyed their performance.

Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’

Marta is reminding me of Delta Goodrum here sitting at the piano in white. This is a great performance from Marta. Not From This World is a bit of a power ballad and she kicks the a**e out of it. The song also reminded me a bit of Rhiana/Eminem ‘Love The Way You Lie’  This would make my top 4 – although i’d best check because I may have said that about 5 songs lol.

My Predictions

This is who I think will make next weeks final – will I get any of them correct?

 Justs – ‘Heartbeat’

Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’

Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’

Markus Riva – ‘I Can’

However if I was choose my favourite 4 songs I would go with

 Justs – ‘Heartbeat’

Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’

Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’

Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis – ‘We Are The Light’


The #MagicMic Award

The award was always likely to go to the antics of the #RigaBeaver and tonight it has to be for the faultless conducting performance of “The 4 Seasons” – If a Beaver brandishing a Baton can’t make you smile then nothing will


#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

The Results

So the public voted through Justs and Catalepsia to next weeks’ final whilst the Jury sent through Marta Ritova and MyRadiantU – what do you think of the line up for the final? Let us know!!!! 

Author/Writer: Elaine Dove

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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