UKRAINE : Judge & Jury – We review the six finalists for Eurovision 2016 selection


It’s wonderful to see the return of Ukraine to the Eurovision song contest after last year’s absence. Oh, how we have missed you! This weekend is the big final when one out of six songs will be chosen to represent Ukraine in Stockholm. Who will it be? We took a look at the six finalists and here’s our review.


Jamala – 1944

An emotive and heartfelt performance from Crimean representative Jamala. This song, dedicated to her Tatar grandmother, combines English and her native tongue in a captivating mix. Backed up by Eastern-sounding strings, this haunting song could capture the hearts of voters all over Europe. Good luck, Jamala.

The Hardkiss – Helpless

‘Helpless’ starts off as a low-key ballad with a melodic piano melody, but the lead singer’s soaring, emotional performance kicks in to makes it so much more than that. Backed with heavy drums (played by a guy in a hockey mask!) and snarling rock guitars, this could be an epic number on the big night. With a little help from the voters, The Hardkiss could find themselves on their way to Stockholm.

Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Every Monday

With a fancy digital backdrop and backing singers wearing rabbit ear masks, this comes across as a quirky offering.  The reasoning for the rabbit ears becomes no clearer as the song progresses. Something to do with the white rabbit character in the background? Beats me! But the song itself is a melodic masterpiece, delivered in a laid-back manner, resulting in a very slick and stylish performance. Can BSB follow the white rabbit all the way to Stockholm? Tune in this weekend and find out.

Nuangels – Higher

Slick vocals caught my ear as soon as I clicked ‘Play’ and held on throughout the song. True to its name, ‘Higher’ soars into the chorus then in the next verse, layered backing vocals join in to give the whole song greater richness and depth. This is a real treat for the ears and could secure a win, sending Nuangels flying to Stockholm.

Pur:Pur – We Do Change

I was somewhat transfixed by the birdcage-like contraption this lady was wearing on her head. So much so, that I only snapped out of it halfway through the song and had to go back to the beginning. It’s all a bit Bjork/Lady Gaga in appearance. Strange headgear aside, it’s a charming song but lacks that certain something needed to take it to Eurovision level.

Sunsay – Love Manifest

“Love, Love Love is the only way”, sings Sunsay, as lights, lasers and backing singers pulsate around him. This song is a real crowd-pleaser with a funky beat and a sexy vocal. Sunsay carries the song with ease, whipping the audience into a frenzy. Will there be a ‘Love Manifest’ on the plane to Stockholm? Find out this weekend!


How do they rate?

Of the six finalists, here are the scores from the Eurovision Ireland jury:

  1. Jamala – 1944 – 12 points
  2. Sunsay – Love Manifest – 10 points
  3. The Hardkiss – Helpless – 8 points
  4. Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Every Monday – 6 points
  5. Nuangels – Higher – 4 points
  6. Pur:Pur – We Do Change – 2 points


We love a bit of controversy so if you think our prediction is way off then TELL US! Join in the forecasting fun and leave your comments below.

Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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