FINLAND: Judge & Jury Review of the Heat 1 for UMK16 – Do You Agree?

Finland Heat 1

Saturday 6th February sees the first of three UMK16 qualifying heats to find this year’s Finnish entry for Eurovision 2016. Here’s a look at the six competitors in heat one PLUS make sure to see who you have been voting for in our International Poll for Favourite Song at UMK2016 – SEE HERE


Saaro Alto: No Fear

Eastern influences give way to European dance rhythms and a catchy chorus. Complete with obligatory interpretive dancers, it’s a strong contender for the final. Bring on the dancing girls!



Mikko Herranen: Evil Tone

Don’t be fooled by the title, there’s nothing evil about this song. Finnish musician Mikko offers a typically Scandinavian rock ballad carrying a message of positivity and hope: Find the good in life and focus on it. Make it yours. We hope Mikko will make the Eurovision 2016 final his.


Stella Christine: Ain’t Got Time For Boys

Influenced by such greats as Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse, Stella Christine’s smooth, torchy singing is like a cool drink on a summers day. Refreshing. The laid back vibe of this song makes it ideal for relaxing with friends or dancing to with a lover.  Your choice!


Eini: Drama

This is an upbeat, dance song, sung in native Finnish, which could appeal to traditionalists more than a wider, multilingual audience. However, the hooky chorus and electronic beats may overcome that issue and avoid any ‘drama’.  Good luck, Eini.


Clemso: Thief

Originally from Nigeria, Clemso artfully combines Afro-beats with European grooves and overlays the entire song with his polished, velvety vocals. This glossy tune could steal a Eurovision win for Finland.


Paa-Aijat: Shamppenjataivas

There’s always a wild card in the pack when it comes to Eurovision entries and this could be the one to sweep the board in Stockholm, Lordi-style. Shamppenjataivas has an unashamedly ‘party’ feel that will have you on your feet dancing around your living room.


How do they rank?

Here’s my personal ranking for these six songs:

  1. Saaro Alto – No Fear
  2. Clemso – Thief
  3. Paa-Aijat – Shamppenjataivas
  4. Stella Christine – Ain’t Got Time For Boys
  5. Mikko Herranen – Evil Tone
  6. Eini – Drama

Do you agree? Disagree? Tell us who YOU think will go through to the UMK16 final.


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