EDITORIAL : Spain – National finals picking the wrong songs for Eurovision – A Review

La Casa Azul

21st century Spanish national finals review 

Our Spanish reporter Imanol gives a Spanish insight into where things go astray for Spain in their Eurovision National finals.


In Spain we are master on doing one simple thing, choosing the wrong son in our national finals. In this article, I will present you those songs that, in my personal opinion, would have done way better than the actual song that represented us in the ESC. 


Year 2000 – eurocanción 2000 

This year we had our very first big national final in years. Many names were familiar on that show like Anabel Conde or Alazán (who are known for being Azúcar Moreno’s nephews). The winner of the show was Serafín Zubiri, who already represented us on 1994, with his song ‘Colgado de un sueño’ who placed 18th in the contest.

That year a new singer was born who would have a great success and his song was the most danced that summer in Spain. I’m talking of Raúl and ‘Sueño su boca‘. This song would have placed much higher than 18th I think.


Year 2001 – Eurocanción 2001


This year eurocanción came back with an even bigger show. 20 artists competed for getting the ticket to Copenhaguen! The winner of the show was David Civera who placed 6th at ESC with ‘Dile que la quiero’.

It seems complicated that there were any better songs than that one but I think there were two better than it. One of those is ‘Yo quiero bailar’ by Sonia & Selena  with this hit that everyone in Spain has danced many many times in his life.

The other song I liked from this year was ‘No pidas más amor’ by Merche, who from then on was one of the most successful singer in Spain.

Year 2002 – Operación triunfo (OT) 1


2002 was the year when Spain started believing in Eurovision again. It’s probably the first year that all young eurofans remember. More than 85% of TVs in Spain watched how Rosa placed 8th with Europe’s ‘living a celebration’.

Only another song on that final was on the same level, ‘Corazón latino’ by David Bisbal  placed second in that final and afterwards he was the real winner of the contest selling millions of records of his albums in Spain and Latin-America.


Year 2003 – OT 2

OT was again the selection system for picking our act for Riga. Beth with ‘Dime‘ was the winner of the Eurovision gala and she was one of the favourites that year at ESC placing finally on 9th place after her very weak vocal performance.

The winner of the contest that year, Ainhoa, presented a song that afterwards that became one of the most popular songs that summer. ‘Que viva la noche’  was eliminated by the jury on the first out of three shows.


Year 2004 – OT 3

This was the last edition of OT in TVE and thus the last year that our song was selected from it. Ramón was the winner of the Eurovision gala with ‘Para llenarme de ti’, which placed 10th at ESC in Istanbul.

That year our national final was not very brilliant, the quality of the songs and performances was quite weak overall. If I have to pick one other song I would choose ‘Mi obsession’ by Davinia but I don’t think she would have done better than Ramón.


Year 2005 – Elige nuestra canción.

One of the most underrated songs from Spain was the winner of 2005, ‘Brujeria‘ by Son de sol. They placed 21st starting the “dark ages” of Spain in ESC this century. The runner-up act of the show would have placed much higher in my opinion. ‘Eres un enfermo’ by Las supremas de Móstoles.

Year 2007 – Misión eurovisión.

This year’s national selection was such a weird format where first we picked 5 artists, then they sing 5 songs each, 25 performances in total, selecting 5 combinations by televote and then, in a second round, the winner was selected. D-Nash with ‘I love you mi vida’ placed 20th in Helsinki.

Mirela was the runner-up from that show with ‘La reina de la noche’ , the eurofan favourite from the show. I’m pretty sure that she would have done better than D’NASH.


Year 2008 – Salvemos Eurovisión


2008 was such a revolution in Spain. For the first time the selection from scratch was made by fans by voting the proposals through MySpace. This brought one of the major cataclysms in Spain’s ESC history. Rodolfo Chiquilicuatre won the show with ‘Baila el chiquichiqui’ placing 16th in the final.

I wanna highlight two songs from that year. The first one did not even qualified for the show but it was my favourite act from the MySpace stage of the show. Mayte with ‘Eternamente’ was so underrated and didn’t make it to the TV gala even though her song was perfect for Eurovision.

The second act I want to rescue from 2008 is La casa azul with ‘La revolución sexual‘. That electronic pop style that back at that time was so new for Eurovision would have got a spot in the top 10 in Belgrade.

Year 2009 – Eurovision 2009: El retorno.

2009 was a disaster again, Soraya won the ticket to Moscow with ‘La noche es para mi‘ placing 24th in the final. In the final show of El retorno there was a tie on the 1st place between Melody and Soraya getting the later the title due to a higher result in televote. The runner-up, Melody, with her song Amante de la Luna  with a real deep flamenco style would have places much much higher.

Year 2010 – ¡Tu país te necesita!

Daniel Diges with ‘Algo pequeñito’ won that year’s final placing afterwards 15th at ESC. Venus with ‘Perfecta’, who placed 4th in that show, were my personal favorites in a final with not much quality.

Year 2011 – Destino Eurovisión 2011

Once more an average-low quality of songs in the show with Lucía Pérez winning with ‘Que me quiten lo bailao’ who placed 23rd in Düsseldorf. Melissa with Eos was the one I disliked the least from the 3 final acts.

Years 2012 and 2013 – Eurovision 2012,2013

These years the singer was internally selected and a format of a show for picking one between 4 songs was made. In 2012 Pastora Soler went to ESC with ‘Quédate Conmigo’ placing in an unfair 10th place and in 2013 ESDM went to ESC with ‘Contigo hasta el’ final placed 25th.


Year 2014 – Mira quién va a Eurovisión

2014 was the year of the big eurofan battle in Spain which is still alive nowadays. Ruth Lorenzo Vs Brequette. The winner was Ruth Lorenzo with ‘Dancing in the rain’ placing 9th in Copenhagen. The runner-up of the show was Brequette with ‘Más’. I’m pro RuLo so I think the winner was fair but still now a bunch of eurofans in Spain think that Brequette should have won the gala.

Tonight we will know our act for 2016. A very open final with high quality acts that I’m sure will take us back to the high positions of Eurovision after Edurne’s disaster last year. You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE – starting at 22:15 CET and you can see our International Poll HERE – It is CLOSE!

So what do you think of my alternative selections for Spain at Eurovision? Do you agree with me? Could Spain have scored higher at the contest with these songs?

Comment Below!


Author : Imanol Recio Erquicia



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