CYPRUS : Live In The Studio With ‘Minus One’ As They Record Their Eurovision Song

Minus One - New Line Up

CYPRUS – Minus One are the Cypriot rockers that we just can’t get enough of! We all know that they came close to representing Cyprus at Eurovision in Vienna.

They have already gotten naked for us – SEE HERE, They’ve already gone Wayne’s World Christmas on us – SEE HERE but now they have just touched down in Sweden where they have began to record their song for Eurovision 2016.

They guys sent us these pictures of them along with the joint composer of their song – Swedish Eurovision Winner Thomas G:son

Studio 1

Firstly we love the skull in the studio waiting for the guys. I’m hoping for more of them on stage in Stockholm. I also like the wine bottles – always good to keep the vocal chords well lubricated. They are already empty as you can see that they have ‘popped their corks’

Studio 2

Then we see the guys getting down to work with Thomas G:son. Now Mr G:son must mean business as he has his hair tied up! I have NEVER seen him do that. He is usually in full ABBA mode with it all flowing down.

So now it is all work before there is any play!

We will be interviewing Minus One so we want your questions for the guys! Tweet us @EurovisionIrela using #AskMinusOne your questions, or email us at with #AskMinusOne in the title of your email or message us on our Facebook Page Eurovision Ireland


What are you expecting from Minus One at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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