IRELAND: Molly Sterling Set To Take Hollywood

Molly Sterling. Photo : Facebook

Molly Sterling. Photo : Facebook

IRELAND: Molly Sterling Set To Take Hollywood

Irish Eurovision 2015 artist Molly Sterling has taken her music career to a new level at the beginning of 2016 with a 2 month trip to LA to work on some exiting new music opportunities. She is going to be involved in writing a soundtrack whilst she is out there (one of Molly’s dreams) along with giving several live performances to new audiences and she is releasing a 5 track series called Chyrisalis.

The first track from the series is called “Hands Off”and here is the video of her first live performance of the track in LA – I think you will agree she gave an amazing performance in her very distinctive style

Molly had been teasing fans on her Facebook page for a few days in the lead up to this trip with some cryptic status updates before making her exciting announcement on 7th January.

An article appeared back in July revealing that Molly had put her leaving cert on hold for a while to follow her musical dreams and I guess we know why now – you can read that article here

I am sure Molly’s fans as well as everyone here at Eurovision Ireland wish her all the best in this exciting adventure she has started. She has announced today that the second track from the series is called “Horrors of the Silent Masquerade” and this can be downloaded from itunes now.

Keep up to date with Molly’s adventure on her face book page or also on Instagram (MollySterling13) where you can find her as “statesidellama” on Snapchat

Author/Writer: Elaine Dove

Source: Facebook

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  1. Thank you guys for the support! My instagram is actually mollysterling13 and my snapchat is statesidellama
    You guys are awesome! Billion thank youssss xxx

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