Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Is Panti Bliss Going to Announce The Irish Votes In Stockholm at Eurovision 2016?


IRELAND – Well even the BBC’s Eurovision Twitter account spotted a problem with Nicky Byrne being announced as the official representative for Ireland in Stockholm.

They simply stated the obvious

But the BBC then answered their own tweet and said Nicky could read them himself on stage in Stockholm? That classes as double time pay in RTE #DontYaKnow! So that’s a no goer!

But then they came up with another suggestion. They are on a break and Niall Horan of One Direction has some time to spare! So the BBC tweeted Nicky again!

Then rode in the cavalry and we have the official ‘Queen of Ireland’ Panti Bliss take to social media to claim the role of results announcer. Can you imagine the dress, the hair and the confused people asking if that was Conchita’s cousin?

So we now look to see if Ireland’s top Drag Artist and cherished campaigner for LGBT rights will indeed make it to Eurovision to award the Irish Votes.

#Fabulous is the word. On Christmas Day Panti Bliss made a televised speech to the nation like that of the Queen of Great Britain. #Regal.

So with Panti Bliss at the back door looking for the job of Votes Announcer for the year that Nicky Byrne is taking off are we set for a fresh-faced approach to Ireland at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter and Eurovision Ireland


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