Eurovision 2015

HUNGARY : Listen To The Full Songs In Eurovision 2016 Selection A-Dal

A-Dal 2016 Contestants

HUNGARY – They are still waiting for their first win at Eurovision and one things that it could be just around the corner for the country.

The list of competing acts announced a few weeks ago saw some familiar faces return – SEE HERE. Now you can listen to the full 3 minute versions of their songs.


30 Songs – Click On The Song To Listen


Beautiful Love – Nika
Colors – Patai Anna
Come Along – Horányi Juli
Driftin’ – Passed
Fire – Tolvai Reni
Free – C.E.T.
Free To Fly – ByTheWay
Győz a jó – Oláh Gergő
Hold On To – Karmapolis & Szécsi Böbe
It Is Love – Agárdi Szilvia
Katonák – Singh Viki
Kéne közös kép – Egy Másik Zenekar
Kinek sírjam – Maszkura és a Tücsökraj
Kötéltánc – Benji
Love And Bass – Gáspár Laci
Love Kills Me – Ív
Már nem szédülök – Parno Graszt
Ott leszek – Mohamed Fatima
Pioneer – Freddie – Fehárvári Gábor Alfréd
Power Of Love – Török Jázmin
Seven Seas – Berkes Olivér & Tóth Andi
Singing Peace – Veres-Kovács Petra
Speed Bump – Gájer Bálint
Stardust – Odett
Szeretni fáj – Group’n’Swing
Trouble In My Mind – Petruska
Uncle Tom – Mushu
Who We Are – Kállay Saunders Band
Why – Vásáry André
You Told Me That You Love Me – B the First 


So there you have it. The 30 songs competing in Hungary.

Who do you think has the best song? Who do you think will win A-Dal? Is there a high scoring Eurovision song in the A-Dal contest this year?


Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : MTVA

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