Eurovision 2015

UKRAINE : Viktoria Petryk Releases Her Eurovision 2016 Bid


Ukraine are back at Eurovision and we are VERY happy with this news. The Odessa auditions take place on December 12th. Here we will see the familiar name of Viktoria Petryk.

Viktoria will be performing the song ‘Overload’ that is composed by Eurovision Meistros Ylva and Linda Persson who know how to write a great Eurovision song.

A dance song with a Spanish guitar flare to it. Viktoria is no stranger to Eurovision as is her family! She participated in the Ukrainian Eurovision National Selection in 2014 and also was runner up at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. If that was not enough of a Eurovision pedigree her little sister Anastasyia Petryk won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2012

Will it be a case of ‘third time lucky’ for Viktoria at winning a Eurovision title?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Facebook

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