Eurovision 2015

SERBIA : Jelena Karleusa Bound For Eurovision 2016?

Jelena Karleusa

Jelena Karleusa

Serbian media this morning is in a frenzy with the speculation that one of their top musical names is Stockholm bound for Eurovision 2016.

Jelena Karleusa was a name mentioned for Eurovision 2015 earlier this year but Serbian TV decided to opt for a national selection.

However this morning the news agency Srbija Danas (Read Here) is claiming that Jelena Karleusa is seeing Eurovision 2016 as an attractive career move yet RTS has not ‘formally’ made an invitation to her yet. They claim according to insiders that a deal is in the works with a formal announcement potentially in February.

Jelena Karleuša, is a Serbian pop recording artist, television personality, former columnist and a human rights activist. She is one of the most popular singers in the Balkans and has sold millions of albums within her career. She came to prominence with her debut album ‘Ogledalce’ in 1995, and has since gained popularity in all of the former Yugoslavia states.

To say that Jelena’s performances are ‘revealing’ does not do them justice as the above video will prove. Stockholm could be Flesh Fest!

What would be safe to say is that we would be in for something forward-looking at Eurovision from Serbia should Jelena go to Stockholm.

Would Jelena be a good choice for Eurovision? Could she bring Serbia to the Grand Final? Is Eurovision ready for her?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Srbija Danas


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