Eurovision 2015

Joe McCaul Misses Out On X-Factor #SixChairChallenge

Joe McCaul on the UK X-Factor

Joe McCaul on the UK X-Factor

Joe McCaul represented Ireland at Eurovision back in 2005 when he sang with his sister Donna in Kiev. He is back and trying his luck on the UK’s X-Factor for a second time.

Joe failed to pass Bootcamp in the UK’s X-Factor in 2013 and this year he is back and was in the #SixChairChallenge tonight.

Joe was in the ‘Over 25’ category. Music mogul Simon Cowell was awarded this group by the public. It was obviously not his preferred choice as he asked to have the result checked and said on tv “I’m so pissed off” – sort of how we feel about him #justsaying

Tonight was the #SixChairChallenge when the remaining singers in each category sang in Wembley and fought it out for the final 6 places and a spot at Judges Houses.

Joe performed the song ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.

In the previous Bootcamp show Cowell commented on Joe’s performance saying

“Is there any way, like that movie The Fly, you can put that voice into a another contestant?”.

Would Joe make it through to Judge’s Houses with a chance to make it to the Live Shows?

The answer was ‘No’ from Simon Cowell. Close but no cigar.

Did Simon make the right decision? Should Joe have made it to the final 6 in Simon’s category? What next for Joe?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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