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SLOVENIA : Maraaya reveal details of their presentation for Eurovision 2015 plus 9 Remixes

Maraaya Eurovisio Preparations. PHOTO credits: EMA FaceBook page

Maraaya Eurovisio Preparations. PHOTO credits: EMA FaceBook page


SLOVENIA : Maraaya reveal details of their presentation for Eurovision 2015 plus 9 Remixes

Maraaya, this years participants for Slovenia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, which will be very soon held in Vienna, revealed some very important details about their Eurovision presentation, staging, backing dancers and Slovenian evening. Read more!

On Tuesday evening, Maraaya invited a lot of personal friends, media, and ex – Slovenian participants at the Eurovision to a special event. Host of the press conference was Mr. Andrej Hofer, who’s also the Slovenian Eurovision commentator, since 2008. During the press conference Maraaya revealed who will travel with them to Vienna. They announced that there will be six people on the stage, including three backup singers and a female violinist.

Two of backing singers already performed on the Eurovision stage last year, one of them will perform there for the very first time. This year’s backing singers for Slovenia are Manca Špik, Nika Zorjan & Karin Zemljič. They won’t be really on the stage, the biggest focus will be on the Marjetka’s vocal, Raay’s playing on the piano and on the “girl-violinist”.

During the press conference they present three different versions of “Here For You”, which all of them were presented with music videos directed by Niko Karo. At the beginning they presented their official music video of their Eurovision version of their entry, after that their music video with Perpetuum Jazzile, and last, but not least, video, which Maraaya recorded together with Marjetka’s students. The idea was to share that Eurovision fairytale with the students, because, as Marjetka says, they are almost like her children. But watch out – that’s not a typical Eurovision version, we’re sure that version will make you dance!

Maraaya also revealed that they will prepare a lot of other surprises for press and fans in Vienna, included more than 400 headphones, Promo CD’s with 9 versions of their song – Radio Edit, Tomec & Grabber Guitar Alternative, Ramus Vienna RMX, Perpetuum Jazzile version, Popsing version, Instrumental, Ramus Vienna RMX instrumental, Eurovision version & Karaoke Version with key intro! PHEW! There will also be a Slovenian Eurovision Party in Vienna, where Maraaya will perform, as well as first ever Slovenian Junior Eurovision participant, Ula Ložar & Tina Maze, Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer & a double Olympic gold medalist, who collaborated with Raay in the past, with the song “My Way Is My Decision”.

Maraaya will be kept busy and we can’t wait to meet these two guys in Vienna! Is this the year that Slovenia could win the contest?


Author : Jan Vehar

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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