ESTONIA : Our thoughts on how Stig and Elina should stage their Eurovision Entry ‘Goodbye to yesterday’

Stig and Elina

ESTONIA : Our thoughts on how Stig and Elina should stage their Eurovision Entry ‘Goodbye to yesterday’

So here are some more first thoughts on ‘How Should They Stage their song at Eurovision 2015’?

Estonia might have stumbled across something just a little bit good this year. In a contest dominated by slower songs, this is a little more uptempo and dark. There is at least one darker song, but this song by Stig Rästa (not to be confused with Rastamouse) and Elina Born is one of those love songs that says that it’s not all roses and chocolates. There are cold feet in bed, the odd misinterpreted word, and annoying little habits. Or is that just me? Some would argue that Eesti Laul (the national final just in case you didn’t know) favoured this song by using effects not used in the other songs. I would disagree, and no extra effects would have stopped this from winning. Here‘s the rolling blog we wrote during Eesti Laul 2015.

The stage show in Eesti Laul is pretty much how I’d expect the song to be performed in Vienna. Stig and Elina are both on stage from the start, with a distinct gap between them. Remember that the song is about misunderstandings (“Are we breaking up or not?”). The gap is there to create a little tension so the viewer is never quite sure whether it’s goodbye or just a lover’s tiff. The vocals appear to be a little off-key, however this works as it is needed to put across the angst of the duo.

A setting is a difficult one to call. Too dark and it might just be too depressing. Too light and it might give rise to unrealistic optimism. And they would need to avoid all the saddest colours in the world (thank you, Cyprus). So maybe something muted, not too vivid, perhaps pale colours are the way to go. Pale greys for the more downbeat parts of the song, and pastel colours for the more optimistic lines.

Just so you cam remember how that Eesti Laul performance looked, here it is:

But what do you think?

Author/Editor: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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