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ROMANIA: Meaning Behind “DE LA CAPĂT” the 2015 Eurovision entry from Voltaj



ROMANIA: Meaning Behind “DE LA CAPĂT” the 2015 Eurovision entry from Voltaj

Since debuting in 1994, Romania have proved themselves to be a Eurovision-powerhouse. They’ve never missed out on a final since the introduction of the semis in 2004 and if you add up all the scores from all countries over the last decade, Romania ranks 8th – the highest placing country without a win.

The band Voltaj are singing this year’s Romanian Eurovision entry “De La Capăt” (also sung in English as “All Over Again”). As well as being a solid song with strong imagery (if you understand Romanian!) and a love that assures “you’d be the reason to start all over again,” the music video shows us the deeper meaning behind “De La Capăt.”

The official music video shows a young boy whose parents are working in Vienna. Visibly sad at his parents being away, he writes letters to them begging them to come home and even dreams of sailing all the way up the Danube to find them. Towards the end of the video, this message appears on-screen:

“More than 3 million Romanians are working abroad, trying to make a better life for their children. Unfortunately, the children are left behind.”


This image of parents and children being separated was even replicated during Voltaj’s live performance at Selecţia Naţională. The song started with a mother kissing her sleeping child goodbye, before leaving in tears with a suitcase.

In an age where economic downturn has hit hard across Europe and such sacrifices are a very real part of people’s daily lives, Voltaj’s song is unique in that it expresses the feelings surrounding this social phenomenon. In a contest that is increasingly being labelled as political, “De La Capăt” neither condemns nor defends this trend – it simply acknowledges the difficult emotions that separated families face.

With powerful yet bittersweet lyrics, “De La Capăt” is sure to resonate deeply with a lot of people across the continent. But from a purely Eurovision point of view: – does it have what it takes to bring Romania their first ever Eurovision victory?

What do you think? Is “De La Capăt” an eloquent expression and reflection of our time? A cynical ploy for votes? Love it? Hate it? Let us know what you think!

A big thank you to Bogdan Stefan for providing an English translation of the Romanian lyrics – mulţumesc!


Author : James Scanlan

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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