[UPDATE] : Armenia create a 5 member ‘Super-Group’ for Eurovision 2015 – Details Here

Armenia Super Group for Eurovision 2015

Armenia Super Group for Eurovision 2015

REPORTS : Armenia create a 5 member ‘Super-Group’ for Eurovision 2015

OGAE Armenia reports that a 5 piece band consisting of some of Armenia’s most successful and up and coming singers will represent the country at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna. The group will allegedly be Tamar Kaprelian, Inga Arshakyan, Athena Manoukian, Essaï and Vahe Tilbian.

The Armenian broadcaster will make an official announcement today at 18:00 CET as we advised you of yesterday.

This is certainly an International operation as the members of the band come from the four corners of the globe. Eurovision fans will know Inga Arshakyan (2009) when she represented her country with her sister Anush.

Tamar Kaprelian is an Armenian-American singer. Some people may have heard her song “New Day”.

Athena Manoukian who lives in Australia (that should guarantee a few votes from the land of Oz). You may have heard her song “XO”.

Essaï lives in France and he released a song only last week called ‘Je n’oublie pas- Chem morana’ which he says in his video is dedicated to the “1.5 million Armenians, victims of the 1915 genocide”

Last but not least is Vahe Tilbian is an Armenian living in Ethiopia. His music is more rock in nature.

That is an eclectic group of singers but it certainly shows how Armenia are certainly in it to win it.

As we said this report is via OGAE Armenia but the official confirmation is scheduled for 18:00 CET


UPDATE – February 13th

The Group will be called Genealogy and the artists names will be released one at a time.


UPDATE – February 16th

Essaï is formally announced as the first member of Genealogy.

That makes us 1 out of 1 correct 😉


UPDATE – February 20th

Tamar Kaprelian is formally announced as the second member of Genealogy

That makes us 2 out of 2 correct 😉


UPDATE – February 23rd

Vahe Tilbian is formally announced as the third member of Genealogy

That make us 3 out of 4 correct 😉

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OGAE Armenia and ESC United


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    • Hi Angelo

      We just reported what OGAE Armenia said
      We also see that Armenia TV have said that the singers for their group come from all over the world so maybe Greece is one of their destinations. No?

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