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SWEDEN : “We ALL chase the boys” – We Talk to Dolly Style before their Melodifestivalen début this Saturday

Dolly Style at Melodifestivalen 2015

Dolly Style at Melodifestivalen 2015


One of the most colourful acts in this year’s Melodifestivalen is the Swedish Trio of Dolly Style. With a look that makes you stand up and pay attention the girls promise us a show you won’t forget in Saturday’s first heat of Melodifestivalen.

We just had to talk to the girls and get the low down on what life is like in ‘Dolly World’


Well “Hello Hi” Molly, Holly and Polly aka Dolly Style. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Eurovision Ireland. Congratulations on making it to Melodifestivalen.

Thank you very much, we are soo excited!

Question : We love your style. Tell us where your inspiration came from and why you like it so much?

Oh thank you!! 🙂 Our inspiration comes from different kind of styles in Japan like Fairy Kei, Street, Lolita and Gyaru. We love to mix and take what we think looks good together. Our favourites are soft pastel colors and skirt with suspenders. We love it because it makes us happy and feels great!


Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Question : How did the three of you meet and form Dolly Style?

We met the songwriters and founders Emma Nors and Palle Hammarlund last summer (2014) when we worked on another project together. They realized straight away that we, both vocally and visually, was perfect for the Japan influenced project Emma had wanted and dreamt of doing for a long time. And we, who has been friends for a very long time, loved the whole idea; the looks and the songs that they’d written for the project, and all of a sudden … Dolly Style was born.


Question : “Hello Hi” – Can you tell us about the song? What is it about and will you be making us dance at Melodifestivalen with it?

The song is a colorful and powerful pop song. We really love it, and we think it suits us as a group perfectly. But, we must warn you… the song will get stuck in your head, we promise.

It’s amazingly catchy! It’s a lot of fun and it gives you a lot of energy, you’ll probably start dancing with us when you hear it.
Fun, catchy, imaginative and well-made! The message in the song is to make people look up and say hi to each other!


Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Question : Who are your musical heroes and influences?

Oh we have so many different but all from pop, r’n’b, hip hop to rock.

Question : You have worked with the wonderful Jimmy Jansson on your song. What was that experience like?

It has been both really fun and educational in many ways.


Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Question : There are so many famous Swedish singers in this year’s Melodifestivalen. Who are you most excited to meet and why?

Oh! we are exited to meet the all 🙂

Question : We like to call this “Dish the Dirt” – Which one of you is the messiest? Which one of you is the biggest joker? And which one of you chases the boys the most?

Molly is the messiest and Polly is the biggest joker, but Holly always say a lots of fun words that she come up with. We all chases the boys 😉


Dolly Style and JRT



Question : If you had the chance to sing a duet with any Eurovision or Melodifestivalen singer who would it be and why?

We did an interview/music quiz for a Swedish magazine together with the guys from JTR. They are a great band and lovely boys so we definitely would think it would be so much fun to sing together with them 🙂

Question : We love your Instagram as you always look to be having fun. We have seen what looks like some dance moves in your pictures. What can we expect from your performance at Melodifestivalen?

Yes, we have a lot of fun! You can absolutely expect some moves from our performance 😉

Question : What do you want people to remember about Dolly Style after Melodifestivalen?

Happiness and joy

Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook

Dolly Style. Photo Dolly Style Facebook


Question : What would you like to say to the readers all over Europe and in Sweden who already are interested in you?

That we totally love you all and thank you for following us.. We hope that you will like our song and performance and that you will vote for us so we can spread some more joy in Eurovision.

Thanks for your time Molly, Holly and Polly and Lycka till

We wish Dolly Style the best of luck in their Heat this Saturday night. For all our Swedish readers – and there are thousands of you out there – make sure to check out Dolly Style.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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