Eurovision 2014

Sweden : SVT looking for Social Media Reporters for Melodifestivalen 2015. Could it be YOU?

Social Media Reporter MF 2015. Photo : SVT

Social Media Reporter MF 2015. Photo : SVT

Are you Melodifestivalen’s next social media reporter?

That is the question that SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) is asking today.

They posted the following message on their social media

“If you like to stand in front of the camera and dream of interviewing one of the participants in the Eurovision Song Contest, you now have the chance! Each race gets a new reporter and the first city is Gothenburg.

Make your own video clips on Instagram and tag with #melloreportergbg in an inventive way, justify why we should choose you as a reporter. Interview with participants will be published in Melodifestivalen Facebook & Instagram “


Ok if you have to ask the question “What is instagram” then we have to say to you #OMG you are so #YesterdaysPizza – this then ain’t the job for you!

So get your video out and get on instagram ASAP!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SVT

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  1. For all your younger readers – “Video Killed The Radio Star” was the first video played on MTV….

    That’s right, MTV once played music and music videos!

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