Eurovision 2014

Georgia are in it to Win it as they assemble their Eurovision A-Team from Sweden

Nina Sublatti. Photo Nina Sublati Facebook

Nina Sublatti. Photo Nina Sublati Facebook

Georgia are in it to Win it as they assemble their Eurovision A-Team.

We all knew it and it will come to pass. With Georgia this year it looks as if they are going to be like Ukraine and pull out an amazing stage performance on the Eurovision stage.

Why do we say that? Well it has been announced that Georgia have enlisted the support of the Swedish Golden Team to help work on Nina Sublatti’s show for Vienna.

Team Georgia have only gone and hired one Thomas G:Son and Sacha Jean-Baptiste build a stage performance for Nina.

Yes the Eurovision winning composer Thomas G:Son has been drafted in to look at the production of ‘Warrior’ and Sacha has been brought in to look at the performance of the song.

Thomas G:Son as you will know has won Eurovision before with ‘Euphoria’ and has come close with countless others. Sacha has worked with Eric Saade,  X-Factor, Melodifestivalen and of Course Eurovision 2013 on the choreography.

So expect a huge stage show from Georgia as they most certainly want to win Eurovision 2015.

Is ‘Warrior’ and Nina the team to bring the country their first win at the contest? Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. defenitely and the most exciting part is that this gonna be a greatest performance ever in Esc stage can’t wait…. Guys the first half is really tough for Georgia no supporting countries. So please pick up the phones and vote for NiNa

  2. I can hear the betting odds rapidly shortening as I read this…

    Personally I think it’s the best entry to date without any modification – this COULD be a possible winner now…

    • My odds for Eurovision 2015 (TOP 10):

      1. HUNGARY……6/4
      2.IRELAND……… 7/2
      3. GEORGIA……. 9/1
      4. FINLAND……. 10/1
      SWEDEN……. 10/1
      7. GERMANY…. 14/1
      NORWAY….. 14/1
      SERBIA……. 14/1
      10. MALTA….. 16/1

  3. No disrespect to messers G:Son and Jean-Baptiste, but I think it would take the intervention of the Lord Himself to give Georgia any chance of winning this year.

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