Eurovision 2014

Ireland : Gossip and Gossip and MORE Gossip regarding Eurovision 2015

Ireland Eurovision 2015 Rumours. Photo : Wikimedia

Ireland Eurovision 2015 Rumours. Photo : Wikimedia

Ireland : Gossip and Gossip and MORE Gossip regarding the Irish Eurovision 2015 selection.

It is being reported across the internet and even in some of the Irish national press that the 5 acts who will contest the Eurosong final aka Irish Eurovision National Selection –  will be announced this week.

We can confirm here at Eurovision Ireland that this is not the case. Speaking to RTE, a press release is being prepared and will be announced towards the end of the month so hand tight!


Newspapers are speculating that the 5 acts are as follows



Ryan O’Shaughnessy


Liir - For Eurovision 2015? Photo : ALEX HUTCHINSON

Liir – For Eurovision 2015? Photo : ALEX HUTCHINSON

Rachel McCormack

Ryan Dolan

If I was a betting man I would not be placing a bet for this being your line-up just yet. Former X-Factor contestant Mary Byrne has gone on record to say that she will not be appearing in the National Final. 

The Irish delegation has said that they will tell Eurovision Ireland in advance of the official press notification.

What is very encouraging to see is the widespread interest in the Irish national selection this year since it was made into an open song contest.

Who do you think will be in the Irish Eurovision Selection? Who would you LIKE to see in the Irish National selection?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. I have a feeling that RTE will announce the finalists this week because she you look at last year you see that the finalists were announced on the 5th February. I also agree with alot of the people that RTE should not host it in some small studio and use a hall, arena. Like look at Sweden the have it in a arena which sells out over a week. We should have that like come on we have won it the most show some interest RTE.

      • Give us a proper theater/arena this year, RTE. What about somewhere like the Convention Centre? Or even the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet? As long as it’s not some pokey little studio deep in the bowels of our national broadcaster – yet again – we should be OK.

        Too many national finals have died lonely and forgotten in the desolate, windswept environs of Conference Closet Q; it’s time we did the decent thing and laid their ghosts to rest…

  2. The list above is probably bogus. Sources close to Ryan Dolan say his song didn’t make the last five and Rachael McCormack said on Twitter today her song didn’t get through either.

  3. what i find interesting is hometown have a total of 6 members, interesting as the stage limit is 6, as long as they have a killer song and don’t screw up in the vocal department i can see anything other than a top 10, boy bands have a decent record at ESC e.g blue, (came 5th in tele voting)

    • Don’t you mean you can see top 10 for Ireland with HomeTown?

      I think that if this was the top 5, I would be very happy as I can see a lot of potential for HomeTown. Even though we have Had boy bands in Eurovision before, they have been more in the coldplay genre (EG: A Friend in London, Softengine ETC.) or the rock-rap crossover genre (EG: mAnga), we haven’t had a 1Direction/Union J style band in the Eurovision Song Contest. So there’s convention wrapped in the robe of originality.

      Another reason why I would be happy as to seeing HomeTown representing Ireland is the fact that Louis Walsh is their manager. He is a man with a thing called the Eurovision Factor (Eurovision and X Factor mixed together. As you know, Louis is a judge on The X Factor.). He is a man who has managed Johnny Logan, Linda Martin and Jedward. All of which have had huge success at Eurovision and went on to have fantastic careers (Jedward took the World by storm with Lipstick. Ireland would’ve won in 2011 if they performed in position no. 18. Same with Denmark and Bosnia Herzegovina.) Also, Louis Walsh is linked to some of the most influential music moguls and songwriters in the World. So, can Louis Walsh bring Ireland victory no. 8? If this paragraph is anything to go by, watch this space. 😀 😀

      Finally, if we send HomeTown with a really good, strong, catchy song with meticulous staging and sing along and clap along quality, I would be very excited. They could prove to be an unstoppable force In Vienna.

  4. :(:(:(….RTE TELL US!?!?!?!?! I’ve an illusion that we might have a winner in our selection, please just end my dream so i can get back to reality!!!

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