Eurovision 2014

Martine Havet passes away R.I.P. – France 1980

MARTINE HAVET. Photo : Facebook

MARTINE HAVET. Photo : Facebook

Sad news today as it is announced of the passing of Martine Havet earlier this week.

Martine Havet represented France at Eurovision 1980 with the band Profil and their song ‘Hé hé m’sieurs dames‘ that placed 11th in the contest.

Martine first came to our attention playing the role of Cosette in the film “Les Miserables” with Jean Gabin and Bourvil.

Daughter of the impresario Marcel Havet, Martine Havet died in a hospital in Paris due to kidney failure at the age of 67 years. 

Our thoughts are with the family and friends Martine Havet.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Huffington Post

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