Eurovision 2014

RUSSIA : Europe duped by Tolmachevy Sisters impersonators since Eurovision

Tolmachevy Twins. Photo : YouTube

Tolmachevy Twins. Photo : YouTube

It looks as if Europe has been duped by a Tolmachevy Sisters impersonator!

We were dancing in the streets with the alleged new release from Russia’s Eurovision duo of the Tolmachevy Sisters ‘Alter Ego’

We have subsequently found out from our good friends at ESCKAZ that this song is in fact not by the Tolmachevy Sisters but by the singer Anastasiya Rossoshanskaya who resides in Almaty in Kazakhstan. ‘Alter Ego’ was actually released in December 2013. Would you believe! So kudos to Anastasiya for a great song.

Furthermore the song ‘Universe’ that was also credited to be the Tolmachevy Sisters is in fact by Anastasiya Rossoshanskaya also!

Hold your horses. We are not finished yet. There was also this promo for a new song that was allegedly by the Tolmachevy Sisters that in fact was by Natalia Podolskaya – ‘Intuitsiya’ – so credit again to Natalia.

In fact the only official song that has been released by the Tolmachevy Sisters since their Eurovision success of ‘Shine’ is the song ‘Go Away’

Would you believe it! I just hope the Tolmachevy Sisters have their credit cards somewhere safe as the last thing you want being impersonated is your MONEY! #JustSaying

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ESCKaz

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