Eurovision 2014

RUSSIA : The Tolmachevy Sisters Return – Olé

Tolmachevy Twins  - Alter Ego. Photo : YouTube

Tolmachevy Twins – Alter Ego. Photo : YouTube

The youngest participants at this years Eurovision Song Contest, which took place in Copenhagen, and winners of 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Tolmachevy Sisters, have surprised all with their brand new song, which will make you dance every time you will heard it. Ladies and gentleman, we’re presenting you “Drugaya Ya” (eng. Alter Ego).
We can remember those two cuties from Russia, who actually performed in Copenhagen this year with their entry “Shine”, which is composed by one of the biggest singers and producers in Russia, Phillip Kirkorov. They passed into the Grand Final and finished at 7th place. As they said on the press conference’s at the Eurovision 2014, they decide to create and international team for the biggest and most viewed TV Show in Europe. They collaborate even with huge Portuguese star, Rui Andrade, which also competed in this years Portuguese national selection for Eurovision, Festival Da Cancao, but he’s yet to win there but watch this space.
Just few days after their song and Eurovision entry “Shine” was awarded for “Song of the Year 2014” in Russia, they released  brand new song, called “Drugaya Ya” (Alter Ego), which is definitely a new step in music genre for the Tolmachevy Sisters. They collaborate with Arnold, who is also composer of their single “Universe” and “Ukhodi”. Lyrics is his work as well, one half of Tolmachevy’s, Anastasiya, also helped Arnold with music and arrangement. We are recommending you to listen brand new, summer rhythmic track by Tolmachevy Sisters, we are dancing all the time since we heard that song for a very first time.
So tell us what you think of ‘Alter Ego’? Does it get you dancing? Is it a step up from their Eurovision song ‘Shine’? Tell us.
Author : Jan Vehar
Source : Eurovision Ireland

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