Eurovision 2014

Eurovision singer gives all sales of his song to charity – But who?

Ryan Dolan - "Start Again". Photo : Ryan Dolan Facebook

Ryan Dolan – “Start Again”. Photo : Ryan Dolan Facebook

Eurovision singer gives all sales of his song to charity this Christmas. But Who?

We always liked him and now we like him even more! Yes the ‘Only Love Survives’ singer Ryan Dolan who represented Ireland at Eurovision 2013 has announced that

“All money raised from the sale of this song ‘Start Again’ on iTunes will go to the ISPCC Childline an amazing service that helps children through hard times.”

Ryan went on to say why he was doing this

“The service is struggling to keep the lines open 24 hours so they need all the financial help they can get, so I thought this would be a great way for me to help out. Please like and share this video so it has a better chance to be seen and raise more funds. Thank you all. Ryan”

So we say well done to Ryan. Share this message and hopefully the sales from the record can go and make a difference to a child’s life today. You can download ‘Start Again’ on i-Tunes HERE NOW. It is just 79 cents and it will make a huge difference to the Childline Charity.

Go on! Buy the song for a friend this Christmas. Share and like this post so that we can all make a difference this Christmas. #ChristmasPassItOn

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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