Eurovision 2014

San Marino decide for Eurovision 2015 today at 12:00 CET – Watch HERE & some rumours

San Marino flag. Photo : Wikipedia

San Marino flag. Photo : Wikipedia

San Marino are set to announce their artist for Eurovision 2015 today Thursday November 27th at 12:00.

It will be an internal selection by SMRTV (Sanmarinese national broadcaster) of the act that will fly their flag in Vienna 2015. Could they, Would They or Dare they treat us to Valentina Monetta for a 4th time in a row?

You can find out today at 12:00 CET live on SMRTVV’s official website HERE

Will Ralph Siegel be involved in the project again? ‘Maybe’

However the rumours at present is that possibly Michele Perniola who represented San Marino at Junior Eurovision 2013 could be set to represent the microstate at Eurovision 2015.

Tune in for the big reveal.


Author/Editor in Chief : Garrett Mulhall

Source : SMRTV

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